We all love to have bright white teeth. Right?

Whitening your teeth freshens up your physical appearance and even makes you appear younger. A lot of folks are searching for natural methods to dental care, and the majority settles for “natural home remedies,” which have been used before and proved to work. We recommend the best teeth whitening kit to get the job done quickest.

What leads to teeth turning yellow?

Many factors cause teeth to look yellow and lose their dazzling, white sparkle.

Stains are one of the main factors. Some foods and beverages like soda, coffee, and tea stain the teeth. The foods that usually stain the teeth can also wear down the enamel (outer layer), hence, heightening the yellowing.

The other sources of stains are tobacco products, some antibiotics, and smoking. This kind of discoloration is normally treated using whitening remedies and regular cleaning.

What follows are the secrets you can apply to whiten back your teeth and restore your dazzling smile. Most of them are home remedies: The 10 Best Teeth-Whitening Kits To Use At Home For 2021.

Brush with baking soda

You can use baking soda to gently brush off stains on the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth. Most folks fear that baking soda is unpleasant and may grind away the enamel, but research conducted in 2017 proved that baking soda is safe to use and it removes stains.

It also helps to fight bacteria, which means it can prevent tooth decay and reduce plaque.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal can be used to remove stains and brighten your teeth. It’s said that charcoal can remove stains and pigments from your teeth due to its high absorbent rate. It’s also believed to help remove toxins and bacteria in the mouth.

We have kinds of toothpaste that are made with activated charcoal and are believed to help whiten teeth.

To use:
1. Open the top cover of your activated charcoal and put it on your toothbrush.
2. Softly brush your teeth in a circular motion for three minutes.
3. Be extremely careful, especially in areas around your gums, because it can be abrasive.
4. Spit it out.

However, it would be best if you were extremely cautious when using charcoal-based dentifrices and charcoal because too much of it can grind away your enamel.

Try oil pulling

Oil pulling can be defined as cleaning your mouth using oil to remove debris, bacteria, and dirt. It’s not a replacement for regular flossing or brushing, but some professional dentists say that washing your mouth with specific types of oils can help you whiten your teeth.

To use this method, wash the mouth with oil for like three minutes after cleaning your mouth, then spit it out.

The recommended oils for this include:
• sunflower oil
• coconut oil
• sesame oil

Apple cider vinegar

Generally, it’s used in very small portions to whiten the teeth.

To use it, prepare a mouthwash by blending three teaspoons full of apple cider vinegar with seven drops of water. Swish the mixture for 1 minute. Then clean with a lot of water and brush your mouth.

Research conducted in 2013 from a Trusted Source proved that apple vinegar has a bleaching power on the teeth of a cow.

However, you should note that it can cause massive damage to the surface structure and hardness of teeth. Thus, I advised you to use it for a short period and with much caution.

Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has a mild bleach effect that can help you whiten your teeth. To achieve the best results of whitening, you can try brushing with a solution of mixed hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for 3 minutes thrice a day for one week. It’s recommended you occasionally do this.

Hydrogen peroxide can heighten tooth sensitivity. Therefore, it’s not suitable to use it for a long period or by folks who have teeth sensitivity issues.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is one of the most essential remedies you should adopt to minimize tooth yellowing.

Regular flossing and brushing removes stains, shield the enamel, and prevents gum decay.

Excellent oral hygiene involves:

• Brushing your teeth three times a day. You should ensure you brush thoroughly around the gums.
• Brush with fluoride toothpaste. Dentists highly recommend that you brush with fluoride paste because it helps reverse and fight tooth decay. So, it’s beneficial to the teeth and safe to use.
• Flossing to pull out plaque in the teeth.

Making dietary changes

Doing away with foods that stain the teeth can prevent further staining. Beverages and foods that have tannins, such as tea and wine, can mark the teeth. Juice, dark sodas and coffee can also mark them.

On the other hand, foods with acidity can make the teeth turn yellow by grinding off the enamel. If you are concerned about the color of your teeth, you should avoid too much consumption of soda, coffee, and citrus.

Conclusion For Whiter Teeth

Few folks have naturally white teeth because teeth tend to turn yellow at a certain age. However, regular checkups and maintaining good oral hygiene can help to keep your teeth dazzling.

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